Darkathlon @ Kielder

Fun, inclusive and challenging events
in the darkest places.


Come and take part in the UK's premier night time trail duathlon experience at Kielder Water and Forest Park. Trail Outlaws introduce the Darkathlon @ Kielder, a unique cycling and running challenge like no other. The route is totally off road on good quality maintained trails.

The darkathlon consists of a 15 mile run, a 25 mile ride and 10 km run. You can take on all three events or compete as part of a team. This challenging duathlon will be started during the day leading to the final 10 km race being held under the splendidly Dark Skies @ Kielder.

We are passionate about staging fun, inclusive and challenging events in the darkest of places. That's why we have hand picked Britian's most beautiful Dark Skies Parks to host our events. Whether you're new to the trails or a regular, come and try our Dark Skies Run events for a new and unique challenge. We promise you won't regret it.